Sports Activities That You Can Do At Home

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It’s easy for your family to be less active during the lockdown. When they have nowhere to go other than the proximity of your home, they will quickly resort to finding entertainment like watching TV, playing video games, or going through social media.

However, there are a few sports activities that you can try so you and your kids can get more lively in the comfort and safety of your home. Find out how your kids can sweat it out in different ways made better with MILO® Ready to Drink products.

Backyard football

Break away from your sedentary lifestyle and get your kids to the backyard for some football games. It doesn’t have to be the actual football game – make small practices like passing and dribbling into a fun competition that you can engage with your kids. For example, make a game to see who can dribble a ball the fastest, or mix charades and trivia quizzes with passing a ball. 

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Indoor basketball

In a 2006 movie, Akeelah and the Bee, spelling bee contestants made group spelling exercises through dribbling and attempting shots in basketball. Players pass a ball to the person next to them with a word they need to spell. You will either need to spell the word while dribbling or make a shot with a word you can’t spell.

Similarly, you can also adapt basketball into a fun game if you have a basketball hoop at home. You can also put your creative twist to it to accommodate your space and what you have in hand.

Spot jogging race 

If you cannot go to the field for a track race, why don’t you turn spot jogging into a fun little competition with your kids? Spot jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise that can benefit you and your family in many ways – it can improve your blood circulation, burn calories, and strengthen your core. Not only that, but spot jogging also requires little space so that you can do it anywhere around your home.

Instead of racing to the finish line, get your kids to compete to see who can spot jogging the longest.

MILO® Drinks Made Easy For You

Do you know that your kids still require sufficient energy although they are at home most of the time during the pandemic? Feeling energised is essential to stay active to tend to their daily routines, such as concentrating in an online class, doing home exercises, and more.

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