The Know-Hows of Running Shoes with PUMA

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Blinded by the colours and selections, entering any shoe store is a jaw-dropper and we think running shoes are no different. Read on to know more about what and how to select your running shoes sole-mate below.


Perfect Fit for Your Feet
The first step before you consider buying new shoes is to know what type of foot you have. Just like shoes, our feet come in different sizes and shapes. There are three main types of “feet design” namely arches that make a big difference in your shoe selection. Which arches category fits you? Is it low, high or natural? Be sure to get this right and ask around for recommendations from the store to get the perfect shoe for you.

Running Purpose Only
As we may have noticed, there are tons of sports shoes out there. Trainers, Walking Shoes, Trail shoes all fall into this category. However, choosing your running shoes takes a whole lot of tasks. You should always look for the cream of the crop of running shoes here. For example, Deviate Nitro Elite Racer Men’s Running Shoes by PUMA checks all the boxes of the perfect running pair from lightweight, high-grip outsoles, to stability-boosting heels. Ensuring fewer injuries and better performance for you runners out there.

Divide and conquer
The best method to locate the “ideal” sneaker is to do your own research and try on a variety of brands and styles. With PUMA you have the privilege of finding the right style for both men and women. Styles like Softride Cruise Running Shoes with minimal design and SoftFoam+ technology are suitable for those who like it simple but get the job done. We also have the HYBRID series that offers you texture and fun colours.

New arrivals up for grabs
Picking the right running shoes can be a hassle but it’s always fun to search around what’s best on your feet. PUMA Malaysia has a wide range of selections from the newest arrivals to the comfiest of forms. Visit or hop by any PUMA Malaysia store to pick one for you now.

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