What Does Your Coffee-Making Method Say About Your Personality?

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Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? In need of a caffeine pick-me-up whenever you’re feeling sleepy at work? Whether you’re an old-fashioned person who sticks to French press and grinders or someone who prefers a stylish NESCAFE machine, the way you prepare your cuppa tells a lot about your personality. Come discover your personality below!

A lil’ old fashioned: French press, grinder and Moka pots

Good things come with considerable effort and time, and you don’t mind going the extra mile when it comes to preparing your coffee! You are a person with patience and attention to detail as you are willing to perform many steps to extract a robust and aromatic cup of coffee. The steps include reheating your French press, grinding the beans, weighing a suitable amount of coffee grounds and using the method of immersion brewing by submerging the coffee ground for a few minutes before compressing it. 

In a fast-paced world, you believe life is to be enjoyed and experienced instead of just pursuing life goals relentlessly. You are a firm believer of ‘old is gold’, you pursue traditional ways and rituals of doing things and it is reflected in your coffee-making. Beware of the coffee snob in you especially when it comes to people who indulge in the over-hyped brewing techniques and Instagrammable coffee beverages!

Nescafe MY

Quick and swift: Instant coffee powder for the win!

You are a go-getter and constantly strive ahead to achieve what you want in life. You like to keep things fuss-free and can’t be bothered about keeping up with the ever-changing trends of the speciality coffee industry, because you are definitely not spending a considerable amount of time measuring coffee grounds down to two decimal places and waiting several minutes just for it to brew? Instant coffee powder is convenient and affordable for a quick-to-prepare and tasty cup of coffee to fit your busy schedule.

You are an outgoing person who loves socialising with large groups of people and exploring new things. With the many instant coffee creations in the market, drinking instant coffee gives you the flexibility and choice to try out or stick to a certain flavour. For the achiever and a go-getter like you, remember to slow down and take some time off for yourselves if you feel burned out!

Looking for the finer things in life: coffee machines

A coffee machine is more than just the convenience — the elegant design, the fine details and also the little touch of luxury on your kitchen countertop. If you prefer making coffee with a machine, you are someone who pays attention to the finer things in life, as it is the small things in your daily lives that brings you a sense of appreciation. 

Coffee machine users are willing to pay a premium price for good coffee, just like how they are far-sighted in their decision making by always considering long-term benefits. You love having things within your control, which might come with a sense of being obsessive over minor details — that is why a coffee machine is appealing to you because it is free of human errors and keep things clean and neat.


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